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We offer a variety of birdwatching packages in East Java, starting from USD 35 per person (minimum 2 people per group). We will cover the birdwatching sites in the Malang Regency such as R Soerjo Grand Forest Park, Mount Kawi, Mount Arjuna or the Lowland Forest in South Malang.

The packages are:

A. One-Day Malang Bird Tour (USD 35/person)
- Option 1: Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC) and Mount Kawi
- Option 2: Mount Arjuna
- Option 3: Soerjo Grand Forest Park

Facilities: transport from the Petungsewu Adventure base camp to the birdwatching site, drink, and guide.
B. Two-Days Malang Bird Tour (USD 115/person)
-Option 1: P-WEC and Southern Malang Lowland Forest
-Option 2: P-WEC, Mount Kawi and Soerjo Grand Forest Park
-Option 3: P-WEC, Mount Kawi and Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

Facilities: transport from the Petungsewu Adventure base camp to the birdwatching sites, food, drink, lodging, guide and ticketing to park
C. One Day Bromo Bird Tour (USD 75/person)
Location: forests at Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

Facilities: transport from the Petungsewu Adventure base camp to the birdwatching sites, drink, guide, and ticketing to the park
D. One Day Lowland Forest Bird Tour (USD 75/person)
Location: protected forests and mangrove at Southern Malang

Facilities: transport from the Petungsewu Adventure base camp to the birdwatching sites, drink, guide and ticketing
Are you interested to birdwatch in East Java including the unknown sites with us? Please contact Birding East Java, email:


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Birding East Java cares about bird conservation in Indonesia. We support PROFAUNA Indonesia , a leading grassroots non profit organization in Indonesia to protect wildlife and the habitat s . We support th e active organization by giving donations to and make collaborations in educational activities about bird conservation. Together with PROFAUNA , we invite young people to carry out birdwatching activities in various locations in East Java regularly . This activity is free of charge because it aims to introduce birdwatching activities to the young generation . We also support the PROFAUNA campaign to stop the illegal bird poaching in Indonesia. We have installed a lot of banning hunting boards in several forests in East Java which bec ome the bird habitat s . Illegal Bird Hunting Besides , we also work with the Petungsewu WildlifeEducation Center (P-WEC) to educate the students in the village schools in Malang Regency about bird protection. This education activ


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